Pro-Trump Militia Numbers Explode in response to ‘Unhinged Leftists’

Mcdonough, Georgia, (CBS46) – A militia billing itself as a security force is vowing to protect the Second Amendment.

The Three Percent Security force, named after those who fought in the American revolution (It’s said – only three percent of the colonists fought against the king’s tyranny) says they’re preparing to “uphold and defend the constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

They train like a military, “basic infantry man skills, everything from communications to combat lifesaving medical first aid.”

Founded in Henry County, the group started out as an anti- President Barack Obama group, before openly supporting President Donald Trump‘s run for President.

Y'all crazy M

Yeah baby! Protect this awesome country!!

The snowflakes have no chance
Michael Hurley


I don’t understand why the thought of a militia seems so foreign to people…after all it is mentioned in the constitution.

Can’t really trust congress anymore if they try to destroy the country. You need militias incase the congress gets hijacked.
Larry Sparks

Way to go !! Where do you sign up at ?
Oz Osgood

The true spirit of 1776.
Kostas Papas

If they see what the leftists consist of they wont even need to use guns! 1 punch and the leftist is on ground!

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