Snoop Dogg is a Complete Idiot

Published on Mar 13, 2017

Go back to your weed-addled stupor and trop trying to be politically edgy.

Paul Joseph Watson

Pinned by Paul Joseph Watson
Imagine if Ted Nugent ‘assassinated Obama’ in a video. There’d be OUTRAGE. Snoop Dogg does it & the left applauds.
linda clark

I had a black woman tell me white people look at a black person and all they think is “nigger”. My response to her is the epitome of the whole black “problem”. I told her no white people call blacks nigger MORE than blacks do
Christina x

Just send the blacks back to fucking Africa All the Muslims back to the Middle East Whites in only in America, Britain, Canada, Australia, NZ, and Europe. No more blacks and browns anymore. We have bent over backwards for these racist scum an they just bring us down! They hate us white People!!! They do nothing but bring their sick rapists, murdering culture here to us white people and I’m sick of it! Go away! We fucking hate you! P.S African and Muslims can take the feminists scum and male cucks with you! They love you so much.

Hip hop wasn’t the destruction of the African American community it was drugs. Black men being caught with drugs, long sentencing and children left without a father while grown bf up slowly broke the African American culture down. All those kids grew up with single mom parents that weren’t around because they had to work 2 jobs to feed their family. And those kids ended up in the streets eventually dropping out of school and into gangs and drugs. Although I agree this rapper shit isn’t making things better. It’s making blacks look bad and think stupid. It’s sad.
Dee Carlin

Absolutely disgusting! He should be arrested for threatening the president. This is what happens to these celebrities when our money makes them famous and rich and gives them a big head and thoughts that they are above the law and decency. Everyone should boycott him. Remember Violence begets Violence. Hmmmmm….your kids are seeing this.

they are in a self extermination mode. That is just fine . theses rappers have very little education t . You canot give what you don’t have . lm mix l have the best of both worlde therefore lm proof that bkack and white could live in peace . but the world is up side down . l believe because lve read these are biblical time of times and a half . God judgments is uopn the earth were in a selfish abusive attitude towards ourselves and life . were also killing the earth .
Knights Templar

Thousands and thousands of blacks are in slavery in Africa right now… why are all the blacks in America not standing up for them, other then talking about slavery from 152 years ago, forgetting the 350,000+ White soldiers that died to end slavery!

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