Angela Merkel Betrays The German People

De Chalon

I’m a German, and would like to make known, that very many of us Germans no longer wish to have Merkel as our leader. We have lost all our trust in her.
Jessica Drury

I’m sorry, but it may be to late for Germany, you have brought in way TOO MANY muslim’s .   They will destroy your culture, and Germany will just be a name on a map…
Jas A

And they want to bring this shit to Australia! This is a prime example of how feminism and socialism destroys nations.
Dragonice Lakeoffire

Germans can do nothing until they get rid of Hate Speech Laws and Holocaust Denial Laws. Young Germans have been spoon fed German guilt for WWII and the killings of Jews.Jews and white liberals in Germany have opened the floodgates into Germany, and now Jews are fleeing to Israel.

There’s a typo in the title: it’s spelled Imam Merkel.
jack drive

i hate to say it but hitler would handle this situation alot better than her
Rising Power

The problem with ‘moderate’ Muslims, is that they don’t believe in any of our basic rights and freedoms. This is no small difference. I don’t think it’s primarily ‘moral.’ It’s a fundamental difference between Western Civilization and despotism. Look where they came from. Are those countries and societies successful? No they aren’t. In societies where their ‘culture’ is in complete control, the countries are disasters. Five times a day, these people bow down, and swear to bring their ‘culture and religion,’ to the whole world, by any means necessary. They never did intend to assimilate. They never intend to assimilate. They think they are SUPERIOR, and they intend to assimilate us. If you still think that some of them are okay, think again. Islam IS. It can not be changed. I think the least harmful thing to do is: 1. Ban Islam 2. Close and destroy the mosques. 3. Begin to deport ALL Muslims from Western countries to the Islamic state of their choice. I have not had anybody tell me another way to do this. The alternatives are: 1. Convert, just like the Christian nations of Africa did and do what Islam tells you. 2. Get used to the constant slaughter of innocent people. 3. Prepare for civil war. One they reach a certain percentage of the population, they will demand Sharia law. They will shred the Constitutions and Charters for Rights and Freedoms. Will you stand up for yourself then? What would it take? Does it have to be YOUR daughter who is raped? Does it have to be YOUR sons and daughters who are jailed for ‘insulting Islam?’

Trump is only going to be more and more vindicated as the weeks pass.

Merkel is being paid to steer Europe toward collapse. My guess is it’s arab money.

5 thoughts on “Angela Merkel Betrays The German People

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