Rachel Maddow Releases Trump’s Tax Returns in Biggest Over-Hyped Live TV Epic Fail in History

Published on Mar 14, 2017

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow released President Trump’s 2005 tax returns in the biggest over-hyped epic fail in Television history. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

David Stout

Van Jones at CNN ” I was hoping and praying” Donald Trump didn’t pay any taxes or got a tax refund. That just shows you how CNN and Libtards want President Trump to fail one way or another. If you give a libtard 100 pounds of gold, they will complain that the gold is too heavy to carry. President Trump is my President!!!!!!

I fucking love trump, he on purposely made this shit where he seemed like he didn’t pay his taxes, and made liberals make this stupid shit as ammo to use against him. boom a dud… when will they realize that any attempt they do, will back fire on him them. 
chris Vinci

why should anyone file a tax return now? the IRS can’t keep your information secure.
John Goober

SHE IS FAKE MEDIA. Why doesn’t this dyke just commit suicide or jump off a building or stand in front of a speeding 18 wheeler. EPIC EPIC FAIL.
Batman Summer

I’m gonna get lots of flak fire for this (after all I’m not American ), but If Americans do not take up arms now and go after the media I’m afraid in as little as 8 months your country will be bestroyed, not by China or Russia, or even ISIS, but by the media machinery that’s been trying to provoke a race and ideological war for years now. All that will be needed to spark a civil war will be Trumps impeachment or a high profile assassination I kid ye not. Muslims migrants, illegal immigrants, debauchery, ideological divide, White man demonization, influx of hundreds of thousands of young Muslim men looking for White women to marry to out breed black and white Americans, latinonization of America, a corrupt FBI and a CIA seeking to assassinate Trump like they did JFK via false flag operations, Mark Pence eyeing the seat of piwer (ohhhh so close), Hillary and Obama plotting Trumps downfall, rotten infrastructures, a generation of dumb head millenials with a sense of entitlement, political correct mental illness, China preparing for War, Democrates pushing Putin till has no option than to have 40 million Russians move into underground Bunkers and launch nuclear attavk not via ballistic missiles but by submarine launched nukes detonated miles off the Coast of California to create Tsunami……….. This is the final warning I as a NIGERIAN and a friend of America is giving you guys… they will push and push until do embody snaps. If you do not get your media and policy makers under control there will civil unrest. With 300 million guns and a quarter if the population under drugs it will quickly generate into a civil war. A Shame if you let that happen. Stop making YouTube Videos. TAKE ACTION. GO AFTER THOSE THAT WANTS TO DESTROY YOYR SOCIETY. If America gets screwed I may never get to visit New York and date a hot African American girl, the curviest women God ever created in my life time.
Pete Craig

That’s what you get from a liberal dyke who performs hate for a living. 2005? Isn’t that 12 years ago? These babies have nothing on the Donald. Always remember Hillary LOST!

Why would Van Jones be “hoping and praying” for Trump to not have paid any taxes?

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