“LIMBAUGH: A ‘SILENT COUP’ In The Judiciary Is Taking Place”

Published on Mar 16, 2017

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John Beckman

All government institutions have been politicised under 8 years of Obama. This is an outrage, they are to do their job regardless of personal political affiliations. Lady Justice took off her blindfold and traded justice for power.
Fred London

It is really good for Trump to violate these two new court orders and enforce the second version of the EO. We need to break the law in order to save the nation from the evils of islam.
Steve Dmytrusz

Fred London- in all seriousness, why not? Obama not only skirted the law and did what he wanted, he even bragged about it at times!
Jose Jimenez

Will someone arrest this asshole judge
Clayton Realist

I was hoping that electing Trump would at very least slow the coming civil war but I am having second thoughts with all of these activist judges.

Time to change the Constitution regarding freedom of religion – time to exclude religions that preach violence, sexual perversion like pedophilia, wife beating, and the use of terror – time to change “freedom of religion” to freedom of peaceful, non perverted religion – time to exclude Islam.
Kamala 88

Obama and Judge graduated together and he was in Hawaii…………….again If this was on the right top news story for a week.
All American Redneck

It is very apparent a coup is in the process. This coup falls under (18 U.S. Code § 2385 – Advocating overthrow of Government). Since this is very blatant yet to be violent insurrection. The President needs to order the military to begin arrest of all current and former government officials who are participating is this seditious activity. There should be no expectation of amnesty protections from this subversion. The people have spoken. The electoral process has been decided in a landslide. The will of the people cannot be infringed. The military needs to set up special investigation (police juries)to determine if officials have participated in the above described activities. If officials have been determined to have violate the people’s trust, they should be immediately detained under the laws and guidelines of the Patriot Act, and treated as domestic enemies.

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