What’s REALLY happening in Sweden?

Trump was right. Sweden has massive problems with immigration. Debate over.


Pinned by Paul Joseph Watson
I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is even worse than you can imagine! Now in 2017 native Swedes have for the first time become a minority among newborns in the city. This is from a 100% Swedish city just 30 years ago. The city is extremely segregated, the leftist upper middle class white people live in segregated suburbs where they never have to meet a single migrant and can keep voting for the muslim party (“miljö partiet”) without facing the conequences. At least untill very recently, now the migrants are flooding into all parts of the city and it’s too late to do anything. Homeless young men from the central asian steppes and Marocco roam the streets in gangs, harrasing any girl when they get the chance. Arabs and Africans live in segregated ghettos under sharia law. Middle eastern mafia clans owns all the clubs and can park their untaxed BMW X6 in the middle of the street, no one dare oppose them. Swedes trying to form resistance are brutally beaten down by the regime security forces and the secret inteligence agency. Voicing anti-regime sentiment can cost you your job. Worse still, Swedes are brainwashed from elementary school that they are dirty and need to be punished for their ancestry. The Swedish regime made a special request to the UN to “undefine” Swedes as a people and instead claimed that the roma people (from Pakistan) are the natives of Sweden, that’s genocide! A large proportion of the migrants are young men, so large that in certain age groups there are almost 30% more men than women! Swedish girls will take migrant men in the belief that the only way to clense themselves from “colonialism” and “racism” is to not have a native swedish man.

I’m from Sweden. It’s been really bad here for a long time. Especially for people who are independent and creative and want freedom. The obedient, state depandant slaves, are doing fine in some parts we call “Bullerbyn”, or Lidingö or Nacka. (Not Rinkeby och Malmö.) The politicians and state employees are extreemly corrupt at the high level. They will easily destroy anyone to uphold the image of the most perfect country in the world. Hypocrites Paradise. When the state turns an evil eye on you, for any reason, you risk becomming totally destroyed. People are losing jobs, relations, family, homes for just having a normal, questioning nature. ANYTHING that critizises the state and the banks is labled as racist, nazist, anti semite, yada yada.

In 5 years time we’ll be discussing the Swedish refugee crisis as millions of Swedes flee their own country to avoid genocide.
Oddvar Stallemo

What the hell is wrong with white people? Why are so many of us obsessed with committing collective suicide? The West is like Jonestown on a civilizational scale.

Welcome to Sweden, here we possess the most retarded media in the world.

Name ONE Muslim majority country that’s bursting with freedom and personal rights…..yeah…that’s what I thought.
Senatvs PopvlvsQve Romanvs

in italy 40% of criminal population is made up of immigrants. especially from middle east and north africa.

I’ve lived in Paris most of my life (i’m french 24yo) Paris’ greatness makes it a unique city, it could be an independent country. The leftists and the liberals RUINED it. They absolutely destroyed it. Paki shops everywhere, kebabs, mass immigration, dumbing down of education, “americanization”, feminisation, modern architecture… Lack of unity among the people. We’re too divided on everything… Marine, ne nous trahis pas.

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