Margaret Dell

Why are these bimbos still in office? Why didn’t CNN take her to the table. She lied right to their faces.

Wait. Not with this Russian ambassador???then…which one? Did she meet other Russian ambassadors behind the door? LOL
Erin Frank

Democrats going to strike out big time with attempt to show Trump colluded with Russians
Tony M

Pelosi and the staff of CNN soon will be deported to the planet Moron.
lor walm

CNN calls him a SPY get him put in Jail then CNN so stupid
Ninja Dwarf

There’s something seriously wrong with Nancy Pelosi . She either has alzheimers or she’s a lying piece of shit. I’m betting on the lying piece of shit since that’s all she ever does.
linda sabaj

She doesn’t know what day it is. Ask her if she can.spell retire
HaztaLaVista Baby

I’m kind of loving Nancy Pelosi’s acting like crooked Hilary Rotten Clinton


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