LIMBAUGH: UNDERMINING Of American Elections Is Happening Today On Capitol Hill

Published on Mar 20, 2017

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Dee Santiago

DNC acts like they want to know the truth about Russia hacks. BS, if that were true, they would have turned over their servers for inspection to further the proper investigation. They have refused to turn them over for years! Lying, cheating scumbag leftists!
Lex Taylor

Isn’t it ironic how concerned everyone was that Trump would undermine the validity of the election. But its totally okay that the media and CIA undermine the election of Trump.
Mr. Buttcheeks

People forget the DNC denied access to the FBI when the DNC claimed it was getting hacked by Russia during the election

And we have CNN broadcasters trying to reinforce their opinions with profanity as illustrated by Sanjee Gupta and Jake Tapper. Both have used profanity in the last week to show their INDIGNATION at the Trump presidency. So now Trump worthy of profanity too. And what a sickening presidency that was in store for America with Hillary Clinton. People are so retarded. The brown people of the United States think that White people will RENOUNCE their IDENTITY, give them ALL of the SOCIAL and FINANCIAL POWER of the country. And WHITE PEOPLE are now so GUILT RIDDEN to where they are INTERBREEDING on an UNPRECEDENTED SCALE WITH BLACK PEOPLE. It’s like, FUCK a black person, take care of us or we will HATE YOU, DESPISE YOU, NOT RESPECT YOU. And white people, women especially, are proving just how NON RACIST they are by BREEDING their WHITENESS AWAY. It’s HAPPENING. Just look around at all of the interracial relationships and how YOUNG so many of the women are. And I’ll admit that I have been attracted to black women but since I work with so many of them and they have such lower intellects I have never gone beyond physical lust. Plus realize that EVERY black woman in the USA seems to be ASHAMED of her own hair and she will not be SEEN without some fake hair tied to her head. I mean, you just can’t make this sh!t up.
Bryochemical Intuition

They’re coming after Trump, we need to stand behind our President!
T. Shrine

when have facts ever meant anything to Democrats? why is it overwhelming people in ghettos are Democrats? they are obviously much too stupid to realize Democrats are walking all over them and laughing about it… wake up morons!

Trump is the light and the roaches are SCATTERING!!! I LOVE IT
LaRee Weatherman

Trump cant give up! We will vote these SOBs out of office. He has more REAL DIRT on them then they know. All he needs to do is show it to the American people and let nature takes its course.

2 thoughts on “LIMBAUGH: UNDERMINING Of American Elections Is Happening Today On Capitol Hill

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