Canadians want action on illegal immigration

Published on Mar 20, 2017

Brian Lilley reports the results of a poll on illegal immigration that confirm the majority of Canadians want the Trudeau Liberals to do something about it. MORE:…
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The Petition
Justin Trudeau must uphold the common sense laws of Canada and respect the “Safe Third Country Agreement.”

Ken Stone

I think canada would be wise to deport Trudeau…….. You could do it in multiple parcels to save on shipping………

Canada is for Anglo, Celtic, Franco populations. Halt illegal and legal immigration or you wont exist in 30 years.

You’re fuckin right we do. Trudeaus government is a disgrace to all Canadians, left or right. Most people I know didn’t care who got elected. Not the case anymore.

Yes we do. Trudeau, being magnanimous with other peoples money is no recommendation. Our health system is falling apart and you and your globalist butt buddy soros just keep slamming them in. Don’t be surprised when Canadians start slamming back…bitch.
G Lewis

But but CBC tells me Canadians love illegal immigrants
MGTOW Psyche

We should send Justine Mohammed Trudeau to Syria

No action will be done. Trudeau is an idiot and none of this matters to him. He looks at it as more votes for the Libtards.
Tim Mac

That 36% and 37% is too high. Those dummies are immigrants and students. They need to educated as to what this all means. Those that feel they need to escape the USA are not the kind of people we want in Canada. My guess is that 100% of them will be a drain on Canada and no benefit whatsoever.

One thought on “Canadians want action on illegal immigration

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    Why would any sane person want the worlds Riff-Raff to be here. We don’t need them and don’t want them we worked very hard to create a nice clean stable society and now our politicians are destroying it for their own personal gain.

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