Obama warrantless spying on Trump was sick and disturbing


MSM seems to be wrong on just about everything!!! WOW!!!
Scott MacDonald

smiley that’s exactly what they do, bunch of whiney sore losing bitches , I call them hypocrites , but their ways are far worse . and know we hear comy is part of the currupt Clintons foundation and pedophilia crew, and when he reopened the Hillary case , Hillary prob didn’t pay him time . pary of the pay to play rules … currupt bastard s . all of them need to be flushed down the drain . go trump , get it done, America has spoken Trey Gowdy 2024
Ilove The Usa

Obama is a sick Muslim freak and it is time to put him in prison
Frank D. Long

The mainstream media is scum,that’s why I just cancelled cable.
David Brown

We were right!!!
Ezilla 45

My hats off to Nunes one of the few politicians in Cali with commonsense in midst of a whole lot of ASS retard politicians
B Saver

Obama is a foreign spy and needs to be wiretapped.
john pal

The MSM will not admit they were wrong they will double down and keep spreading lies and false narratives, they are the enemy of the people and as any enemy they have to be taken out, they will not stop any other way.
Donald Wood

If no one goes to prison over this bs then there’s a big problem it’s getting old seeing our laws willfully being broken and no one being held accountable.

2 thoughts on “Obama warrantless spying on Trump was sick and disturbing

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