Twists & Turns: MSM focusing on allegations of Trump, Russia connection not snooping claims

Published on Mar 24, 2017

The scandal over the snooping on Donald Trump’s team has taken a turn. The US House of Representatives Intelligence chief has been forced to be on the defensive over his claims that communications have been possibly intercepted at some point


CNN is the enemy of the people.
Antonio Howard

You notice how MSM all say the same thing? Thats why people like Alex Jones have more subscribers than CNN.
Atlantean Fox_14

notice how TYT hasnt even bother to admit they r wrong as well n never made vid about this xD
Pat Hacker

It’s an empty witch hunt to impeach Donald Trump. It’s all too obvious now.

Almost nobody believes the MSM news!
jcee 123

lol rather then attacking obama for attempting to meddle in a election they attack the man that told them he did, completely crazy, media are trying to manipulate the people!, there should be laws that prevent the rich from funding media!, all media should be crowd funded by the people!, that’s the only way to ensure it’s for the people.

Nunes did the right thing.. He felt obligated to tell the President of the United States that he and his team was subjected to illegal surveillance . Crooked Comey has some explaining to do. The reason Comey couldn’t come out and dispute Trump claim of having his “wires tapped” from the beginning is because it was the truth and they were unexpectedly caught. He tried to bury it by sending the DOJ to dispute it first. They’re all caught.. those lying vermins.

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