Mark Levin Calls On Adam Schiff To RECUSE Himself

Teresa Rowe

Absolutely, go on the offense.
Grateful Dude

We should be organizing protests and boycotts on a scale to put the left to shame.

These people are desperate and unhinged and cannot be reasoned with AT ALL. Offense offense offense. They must be beaten and taken down by force. Offense is long over due.
fking deplorable

Schiffty is a shill for the rest of the criminals in the Dem party. I really thought you had to have intelligence to be on an intelligence committee? Guess not if your a Demonrat!

Thanks Mark Levin for you input and outstanding proof God Bless President Donald Trump
Bryochemical Intuition

Step down immediately Adam Schiff!
Dorothy Middaugh

we need to investigate Adam Schiff! He’s a crook!

That “tank” would be the septic tank, or the great cesspool known as the radical Democratic Party.
Marilyn Lester

At last, someone came up with a good idea. Adam Schiff should recuse himself. You can see the guilt written on his face.
Michael Hight

Mr Levin, please offer your services to Trump.  Rush, give him a call.

3 thoughts on “Mark Levin Calls On Adam Schiff To RECUSE Himself

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