CNN Investigates Russian Salad Dressing

Published on Mar 29, 2017

CNN does an investigation into Russian salad dressing after White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer mocked reporters for their continued Russian Conspiracy Theories about the Trump administration. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.


OMG!! We’re done for! The Russsians have taken over New Hampshire!
Joao Polo

The lunatics Demon-Craps leftists lost even the very basics of the sense of humour & became totally obsessed by the “RUSSIA MANIA” conspiracy theory, SO SAD!

Trump could cure cancer and they’ll still make it look bad probably saying something like he’s taking away money from doctors that rely on chemotherapy patients
Lavar Ball

I am starting to think CNN is just trolling, you can’t actually be this stupid can you?
Christopher Mason

Sean made a joke so Comedy News Network investigated Russian Salad Dressing and made the earth shattering discovery that it’s not made in Russia ? Don’t tell them about French fries ,English mustard or German Shepherds . They’ll go into a frenzy .
Sara SunshineMT

I voted for Trump, but I drink vodka: make those connections!
Michael Strieper

This is how low cnn can go. WOW.

Why isn’t that lying sack of shet Donna Brazille’s confession front page news?? The media is so biased against this administration, it borders on treason!

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