Bernie Sanders – Dangerous, Stupid To Put Jobs, Survival Ahead Of Climate

By Rick Wells

Communist Bernie Sanders can’t help but sneer as Wolf Blitzer points out in his question that “President Trump signed sweeping executive order this week involving the Environmental Protection Agency, which officials said looks to curb the federal government’s enforcement of climate regulations by putting American jobs above addressing climate change, uh, react to that move.”

Sanders is not a believer in private sector employment as a devotee of Soviet Union style economic success. He was happy driving around in his Lada when it was running or pushing it through the streets when it wasn’t. He and Jane looked forward to mother Russia providing them with a new one every twenty years, whether they needed it or not.

It’s not surprising that he would think it’s crazy to waste all of that effort on creating jobs when the government can simply declare that they exist, require attendance and provide compensation. It’s even crazier to think that jobs could be a consideration to be weighed against the austerity of earth worship due to the attack of the air and water monster, the climate change boogeyman.

Sanders replied, “Wolf, that is such a nonsensical and stupid and dangerous approach, it’s almost indescribable. Look, the scientific community is virtually unanimous, (based upon manipulated data and falsified reports). While Trump and his friends may think climate change is a hoax,  what the scientists are telling us, it is real, it is caused by human activity, it is already causing devastating problems.”

Just don’t ask him for specifics, where there is any man-caused devastation taking place because he won’t be able to come up with any that hold water and he’ll just get angry. Commies hate it when their hypocrisy and dishonesty are pointed out to them.

He notes that some stupid people in other countries, who were sold a bill of goods by the big-eared fraud who used to occupy our White House, “beginning to transform their energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficient -“

The video quit and it’s just as well for the Bolshevik. Those nations can only begin to transform because there’s no way that pretend energy can provide for the world’s energy needs the same way as real fuels, what he calls fossil fuels do. Everything else is an expensive charade, intended to bankrupt this nation.

The fact that it is now coming to an end under President Trump is the reason that Sanders was so descriptive in the beginning, the reason he finds putting employment back as the primary consideration over the fairy tale to be so dangerous. Once people get back to work they’re going to like having things and realize that there isn’t any damage being done. Then they’re screwed. Nobody will sign up for their world government then.



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