HANNITY AMBER ALERT: “Evelyn Farkas Get An Attorney Immediately”

Published on Mar 29, 2017

Find More @ http://www.DailyRushbo.com

Glenn Holcomb

She farked up. BIG TIME.
William Geary Jr.

She may need more than an attorney——-how ’bout full time security! 😳

AND She was working with the Clinton campaign?! What did she and Hillary know and when did they know it? they assumed Hillary was going to make it all go away when she won…. not so fast!
some old joker

Another suicide by double tap to the back of the scone coming up.
marta stewart

This reminds me of Louis Lerner dropping the truth about the IRS targeting of conservative groups.

She needs to be under investigation! She admits it was all going to the hill

Well she’s going into hiding right about now.
David Olinger

And don’t forget removing classified information, documents is a federal crime. Oh ya I forgot the laws of this nation don’t apply to Obama, or Clinton, or Abadeen, or Podesta, or Lynch, or Comey, or Brennan.
P. Hamilton

Will any of these Dem vermin ever go to jail ? … probably not. After all, it’s just entertainment for the sheeple.
wally perez

now there’s alot of evidence of the Clinton’s and their people i.e. podestas ties to Russian oligarchs and folks like this Farkas lady admitting to illegal surveillance of Trump, already out there in the public sphere. Somehow this evidence never seems to peek the interest of the oversight committee or any federal law enforcement agencies. Let’s see where this goes. Hannity keep pushing brother!!!

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