Man Wins Women’s Weighlifting Competition

A man won a women’s weightlifting competition. No, this isn’t a parody news story, it’s liberalism today. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.


Don’t stress. Us Australians let it happen.
DEploribus Unum

UrbanKiwi Femtards will leave no corner of the world unsoiled by their presents. Sorry.
Mike F

What’s next? CHICKS with DICKS serving food at HOOTERS!
Samuel Cayford

They’re should be a separate competition for Transgender people only; so that they don’t have to ruin our competitions

I hate what this world has devolved to 😥
August Von Mackensen

Mark I’m from NZ and the NZ Herald is PC garbage. Also a lot of women here are pissed off at what happened and are demanding a special category for the “other genders” otherwise they are going to be completely dominated by men.
Dr. Venture

sometimes i sit on my deck and look at my son and just think……how bad he’s going to be having it in the future. SMH!!
Joel Miller

One of the first things Hitler did was shut down a transgender club (The Eldorado) in Berlin and turn it into a party headquarters. It was a very powerful message, the age of decadence is over. Back to family and community. Drugs, prostitution, gay, lesbian, transgender, feminism, pornography, bestiality, pedophilia, etc, etc. Germany was a total cesspool, they were way ahead of the times with that insanity until the “crazy evil Nazis” came along and ended it. Hopefully one day enough people realize they have been lied to about them their whole lives so we too can try to overthrow the global elite and kick the marxists out like they did. “I have never seen a happier people” – David Loyd George, after returning from a trip to Germany in 1936.

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