When A Trump Supporter KNOCKS OUT ANTIFA

When A Trump Supporter Knock Out ANTIFA, Trump supporters Defend themselves after These Thugs Remix By Mark @Immigrant4trump, Original Video by: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRGsW…

Joseph V

Black Hooded Punchin Bags, what fun!
Frank Sobotka

Should’ve shoved that flag up that Antifa faggot’s ass.
Joshua Barnett

Pull those fuckin masks off so their parents can see how spoiled they’re acting, too.
tall muter

Mark, thanks so much for posting! Those little Commie chicken Antifa dorks can’t take a REAL fight. God bless those Trump patriots!
Tevin Kombat

Good job conservatives way to stand up against these liberal bullies.
Brad Pittman

antifa gets one punch dropped by guys in visors. Go trump!
Semi Perfect Cell

Good doggo! I hope they gave her a nice pig’s ear to get the taste of unwashed commie out of her mouth.
JB Logic

Finally…we have to start standing up for ourselves. More rallies…more thugs starting shit…more thugs get beat down and arrested. These weak punks will stop showing up.

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