Donna Brazile Now Claims WikiLeaks’ DNC Emails “Bogus” After Admitting She Lied

Published on Apr 3, 2017

Former Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile is continuing her media tour in an effort to repair her public image, and in the process, she is continuing to make a complete fool of herself. She once again contradicted herself by calling the authenticity of the WikiLeaks DNC emails into question, alleging they were “bogus.” This accusation comes just weeks after she admitted she will “forever regret” leaking a town hall question to Hillary Clinton, suggesting the contents of the emails were accurate. Donna can’t get her story straight.

rick lomar

In her mind, we’re either racist or sexist for criticizing her. So typical of neo-liberals like Donna to use identity politics as a force field. It’s a disservice to people who are truly victims of racism and sexism.
The Progressive Voice

Bullshit Donna, and you know it. You leaked questions to Hillary Clinton and wikileaks showed us the truth! You are an unethical democratic party official, and it’s a sad injustice that you were the interim chair!!

Hillary trained her dog well. woff woff Donna. next she’ll play the race card and claim “is all cause i is black.
Captain Oblivious

In a hundred years, Donna Brazile, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of this small group of corporate stooges will be remembered as the people who killed the Democratic Party. They’ve turned it into a shamelessly corrupt, insiders-only club that exists solely to service big donors. It really has become something closer to a criminal cartel than a legitimate political party. I’m still in awe at the arrogance of the party establishment, cramming the deeply unpopular Hillary Clinton down the voters’ throats, even though the polling repeatedly showed that she was the only candidate who could actually lose to Trump. The good of the country didn’t matter, the will of the voters didn’t matter… all that mattered to them was their tiny cabal’s control of the party. And here we are.
KJ Ritua

it’s truly amazing that the DNC thinks lying would win supporters
Serge Villanova

No shit the DNC knows about Disinformation campaigns.

EVERYONE associated with Clinton is a pathological liar?

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