‘It doesn’t fit the narrative’: MSM give minimum or no coverage to violent protests in Paris

Published on Apr 2, 2017

As unrest hit France, Russia also saw the protest against corruption earlier on Sunday. But the two events didn’t get the same amount of attention in the Western mainstream media.

Gustavo Alba

Abagail Adams

Wonder how much SOROS money has funded these riots?

The mainstream media is a disgrace and has been for a long time. It has been hijacked by leftists/feminists/liberals who push their party line and repress anything(i.e. the truth) that doesn’t accord with their propaganda.
Funky Munky

RT: Could you please report on Ayaan Hirsi Ali having to cancel her Australian talks because of violent threats from the libtards and islamic terrorists

Riots , Protest in France and Russia, So nice to see the C.I.A. , MI6, reworking that old Operation AJAX scenario, works all the time, usa, usa, usa, regime change when and where we want it, LePen is about to be elected, can’t have that, and Russia, well Russia is a Christian Country that kicked out the JEW – Rothschild controlled Bank out of RUSSIA, GOD BLESS RUSSIA, PUTIN and the People of RUSSIA. North Korea, IRAN, SYRIA, just happen to have NO JEW- ROTHSCHILD Bank , what a coincidence that the bad countries have NO JEW controlled central bank, like AMERICA, England, Germany, ?

Love how the European globalist media is finally having the light of truth shone on their bullshit. I love Russia, you’re are our white brothers and sisters.
star shine

Yeah CNN doesn’t report real news……Only twisted lying fake news. That’s why I come here to see real news. CNN and MSNBC and the like only report things against Trump and to push that agenda.

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