LIMBAUGH: Do Democrats REALLY Believe They Can FORCE Trump Out Of Office?

Published on Apr 3, 2017
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His approval rating is in the high 60s the msm polls are fake as fuck
Ratty McCatty

Just like all throughout the election. The liars in the media won’t stop.
P. Hamilton

Democrats believe in fairies, that smurfs are real, and that Hillary is Honestl …. so why wouldn’t they believe they can force Trump out ?
Deborah Franks

If Trump’s approval rating goes below thirty percent then we know that he is doing the job he was elected to do. If it goes below thirty that means he’s pissing off ALL the dumbocrats.
Kathleen Fiscelli

President Donald J Trump, will take them all down before they can even get some type of game plan to take him on. President Donald J Trump is so much smarter than they are, just look how Russia just got turned back on them. Hahaha, now pedogate is next and they are scared, and rightly so.
Freeman Pennington

the media is doing what they’re paid to do by their globalist masters like Soros the Rothschild family the Rockefeller family they control the mass media they own the mass media group all you got to do is follow the money if you want to find the corruption take out the globalists and their political pawns it will solve the problem
Freeman Pennington

here’s the solution let’s get our firearms and March to Washington and take care of this business How It Should Have let’s round up these Traders scumbags and hang them just let the forefathers of our country would have done
Pat Kin

Every Dem I know is still spinning everything he does into a negative. They’re elites who just can’t deal with being wrong and would rather lie to themselves and others.

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