*(Obama’s McCarthyism at it best) – Mark Levin Interviews FNC’s Housley: We ‘WILL KNOW’ If Obama, Jarret, Lynch Knew About ‘UNMASKING’

Paul G

This is the biggest scandal in the last 40 years and media is quiet. They are traitors of american people
Crabby Appleton

So true. They are complicit in treason against the American People.

My opinion it started the day Trump did the Birther Stuff then it got enhanced when announced his run June 2015 ish, and really got wound up when he won the nomination, and went into super mode when he won.

These arrogant buffoons clearly never thought there would be another Republican in the white house, or surely they wouldn’t have been so sloppy with their corruption. Or maybe they’re just that dumb and think everybody else is too.
Armand Rodriguez

You have to be a fool to believe Obama and his people didn’t do this for 8 years to many many people.
Jim Dandy

On CNN this morning Cuomo dismissed this as the Trump administration simply “scandal shopping” in an attempt to divert attention from the real issue of Russian interference in our election process!
linda kutz

Subpoenaing Susan Rice to testify under oath is a joke. She needs to testify under sodium pentothal. Of course it was for political reasons. The only security any of the politicians care about is their own.

Hillary gets hacked, thousands of emails revealing corruption are found. Trump gets surveiled, and they find nothing. MSM & Dems: we have to find out more about Trump’s collusions with the Russians.

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