Ingraham blasts lack of media coverage on Susan Rice story

Published on Apr 4, 2017

Fox News contributor gives her take

Zephyrr Sky

LOVE that she called it the compost on air hahaha wake up sheeple! You’re being played!

Laura is awesome. Wish she was press secretary.

she lied in public, but she cannot lie under oath when called to testify in an oversight committee hearing. i hope she breaks and hands over the democrats, the clintons and obama.
Deplorable Ed

dhlewis69 … she’ll probably commit Arkancide first
Four Nines Fine

Shit’s gettin’ real now. This is why I elected Donald J. Trump to be our president(thanks to all who helped). We must end the corruption and lawlessness in D.C. or this republic is doomed to failure.

The Russians are responsible for Clinton not campaigning in Wisconsin, Michigan and rural Pennsylvania. The Russians made the mainstream media publish all those fake ass polls. The Russians made Ayatollah Obama use the intelligence agencies to spy on Trump. The Russians caused Democrats to lose nearly 1,000 legislative seats across America since the election of the Great Hussien. The Russians caused Democrats to be swept from the White House, Congress and Senate. Damn those Russians!
Ol' Hickory

CNN are clearly enemies of America
Pat Hacker

As an American citizen that voted for Bernie and Jill Stein I find this shocking that the Obama administration and Hillary surrogate used the intelligence agencies for political partisan reasons. This should be criminal.
Anthony Perry

She’s going to want immunity! lol!

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