What You Need To Know About The Susan Rice Scandal

Published on Apr 4, 2017

As CNN anchors Don Lemon, Jim Sciutto, and others try to push the Susan Rice scandal under the rug, the internet answers back. In this video, we go over the latest information you need to know about Susan Rice scandal, its implications on possible legal action against the Obama administration.


Luke, the most trusted name in independent news! Keep it up!
Fight the NWO With Kunal

The Deep State Shadow Government wants to remain in control.
Droopy Dog

Cernovich is great! Almost always right. I trust him as much as any other journalist.
Darko Kovacevic

Mike Cernovich In conjunction with other great people are ripping the deep state to shreds be on the lookout in the coming weeks for serious stories to come out … his sources are real & Mike is basically the new TROJAN HORSE that the so called left did not see coming.

I’ll bet you my lunch money that none of these criminals will go to Jail.

total waste, this is a distraction, for all of the war crimes committed by Obama and company.
death 2 globalism

Obama has politicized intelligence numerous times. The discussions did not contain illegal activity but they unmasked it anyway! An absolute disgrace!

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