Trump’s War With Syria: Championed by the Media & Both Political Parties

Published on Apr 8, 2017

We are now officially at war with Syria. President Donald Trump has fired 59 tomohawk missiles on Syrian airfields, and we are now witnessing the beginning of another catastrophic U.S. foreign policy blunder. In this segment, we provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of what we know (and don’t know) at this point, and discuss how warmongers in both political parties worked in tandem with the media to push us into another war for “humanitarian” reasons.


If we go into WW3 i ain’t fighting, these politicians, corporations, and the military industrial complex can send themselves and their own children to fight. IM DONE
John Ruiz

Hillary Clinton praised Trump’s action. lol McCain and Schumer praised Trump too! lol MSM is loving Trump after months calling him a Russian stooge! Trump supporters are condemning Trump. WTF!? Now, Hillary and Lindsay Graham are pushing for more strikes in Syria. My head is spinning! 😲
Pat Hacker

Seems like the same old strategy to me. We can’t prove that Obama spied on Trump, or that Trump colluded with Russia, but supposedly we know who used chemical weapons on kidnapped civilians in a rebel (terrorist) controlled ammo dump in Syria. Excuse me while I chuckle.

Can John McCain just die already.
Tepuyo Eloyo

Both parties will pay a political price for this illegal wars 2018 is just around the corner
Unlikely Ally

“We are now officially at war with Syria.” No, we’re not. We are the same as we’ve been for years–not officially at war, but bombing them anyway, which is horrible, but that’s what it is. Obama dropped over 10,000 bombs per year in Syria, killing hundreds of non-combatants–including children–per year.

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