Mass immigration & multiculturalism don’t work

| Infowars.com – APRIL 10, 2017

Remember when the media and all those leftie celebrities laughed at me for warning about mass immigration and Sweden?

Not so funny now is it?

I was right. Trump was right.

Please share this video: https://youtu.be/49E9grEcrxs

Lightning Flash

Canada is yet to experience the joy’s of cultural enrichment.

Maybe the Swedes are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Ha get it
Jovę Phøenïx

 Mr Nazi

Oh no, another truck attack! Is the truck ok? We need to make sure the trucks are ok, the injured and dead don’t matter only the poor truck and it’s innocent driver. Gotta love the retarded left.

Death to every last fucking Muslim and leftist on planet Earth.

I’m from Sweden, and each time the this country is on these channels and I can read about it on Breitbart I’m grateful that people like Paul is shedding light on a very fucked up country. For example a Swedish police-chief said that people expressing sympathies with islamists, who possess dual citizenship should be deported. He got chastized by the Swedish minister of justice, whom in the same statement said that freedom of speech is more important than combating terrorism and then went on and said that he would talk to this police, because the police had expressed his oppinion. And no-one in Sweden cares or even picks up on this. Sweden is a fucking leftist freak show these days. And the blatant lies of the Swedish socialists become evermore apparent. Mark my words, that the election in Sweden next year will be the most important in Swedish history. If the Swedish democrats can’t somehow secure an alliance with two of the other parties (leaning in their general direction) and secure enough votes to have a majority, Sweden is over. There is no way in hell Sweden will survive 4 more years of raised taxes, frivolous spending on migrants, under-financing of police/military/health care etc And even more national debt.
TheMarker2015 L.S

It’s White Native European Genocide. That’s what it is. No other countries take them… It’s only whites who need to get involved with everyone’s business. Everyone hates us.

Stick to stuff like this, Paul, for which there is tangible evidence, and stop echoing Alex Jones’ “false flag” stories about how Syrian warplanes never dropped any chemical weapons and how Assad isn’t such a bad guy because he might have protected a church once.

can we change this pray for Sweden to fight for Sweden. fight fight for Europe. no more fucking prayers

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