Bernie Sanders Goes on “Unity Tour” With Tom Perez

Published on Apr 15, 2017

Bernie Sanders and DNC Chairman Tom Perez announced they’ll be going on a national “unity tour” to drum up support for the Democratic Party. Is Bernie Sanders seriously suggesting that progressives get behind this corporatist, warmongering party? If so, it’s not happening.


yeah… this doesn’t make me like Tom Perez more. It makes me like Bernie less.
the op kingdom

Oh Bernie… 😦 Please stop. You’re a good friend making really bad choices. Come out from among them, Bernie.

Bernie could lead a socialist revolution yet he chooses to prop up the old system.
Tom Daniels

This is very disappointing, first he supported Hillary, and now this, I don’t understand him, this is sickening.
The Laughing Man

And the Bernie sellout cycle is complete, We still have Tulsi Gabbard!
Miles Branigan

WTF! Why is Bernie allowing himself to be used by the same douchebags that help to rig the election against him, I’m now beginning to have my doubts about him, working and consorting with the enemy is never a good move.
Bob Anderson

Bernie is starting to lose credibility, the cozying up with the corporate establishment makes me very uncomfortable.

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