High alert for potential North Korea show of force

Published on Apr 14, 2017

Kim Jong Il biographer Michael Malice weighs in

American Faggot

the only solution to this is to take out NK now, before they really develop actual nuclear and missile capabilities.
King Kaymen

Get under your desks kids
Crying ཀ_ཀ Libtards

Just stop it ling ling. Your fat ass will get blown away soon anyways.
Digger AKA Scummy

Bomb the fuckers during there military parade.
Dav Vivar

most of NK targets in the US are liberal hotspots (puts on sunglasses) fire away kim
Egil Lomeland

Better to stop them now than later when they do have the bomb.
Grateful Dude

Don’t puss out, Trump. If they go through with the test, and you did not strike, you are punked. Don’t let yourself or your country be punked.

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