Hungary Cracks Down On George Soros, Lefist Loonies Protest

Published on Apr 14, 2017

They have brainwashed lefties in Hungary too, who want to stay with EU values. As for me, I stand with PM Orban on this issue.

holoholo haole no ka oi

Soros, the Filthy Anarchist, needs to have all his assets seized.
Lord Draconia

Smart move Hungary. Western Europe never learned it’s lesson about Islam or Communism like you have. You tried to warn us but we didn’t listen. I think if anything Soros is just a puppet or a figurehead for men like him but richer and more powerful and less known about. Bezos. Gate. Buffet. I have no idea but those are who I would suspect. Never thought I’d miss Steve Jobs but atleast he was pro privacy. Don’t the NGOs also boat the refugees from Syria to EU? Why aren’t thees things illegal? If any nation did these things it would be considered acts of war.

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