*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – Something is Rotten in the State Denmark

Published on Apr 16, 2017

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Robbing your own people to pay foreigners who rape your daughters. Rome has fallen again.
Starlord The Emperor of Infinity!

Immigration will stop and all these so called refugees will run away as soon as the welfare state collapse.
Gracen B

The problem is welfare will be the last thing to go. They will sooner cut military police and fire and healthcare before they cut welfare handouts. Thats how they satiate the hordes and get voted in.
Finnish Conservative Nationalist

(((Diversity))) = (((Kalergi plan)))
gypsy freak

Can someone start the crusades please
Paul Cate

illegal aliens do not pay taxes on wages
John Pershing

Onryo voting block for libtards
Jovę Phøenïx

Low birth rates Plus Mass immigration is white genocide. The government knows that the birth rate is below replacement level, if the government represented the people it would create incentives for people to have more children. The problem is low birth rates, and trying to fix it with immigration is cultural genocide.
Ludwig Rañola

one of the worst thing that will happen in europe is the muslim raping their pride and dignity and culture fight european dont let the 3rd world people destroy you
Vladimir K

Right wing death squads are coming.
Appie Super

It was nice to see commies getting destroyed at Berkeley. Will be looking forward to the next event.

2 thoughts on “*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – Something is Rotten in the State Denmark

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