Illegal Immigration Crises Around the World!

Where exactly illegal immigration happening all over the world?! Find out in this video to learn all about illegal immigration crises around the world!

Cullen Moseley

Islam is a plague. Their “prophet” was a murderer, sexist, pedophile. The religion supports the murder and rape of women as well.
The Sunshine

I hate Muslim Immigration. I am from Sweden. Ban Islam.

The illegals are losers and economic freeloaders, why are lot of Syrian refugees black and strong young cowardly men? Africans are not from Syria??
Jovita Villalpando

🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷USA LURES THEM IN with “daca” food stamps free healthcare for everyone educating their ilegal children free school lunches for ilegal children section 8 WIC free automatic citizenship this is what really lures them in etc etc etc
daniel koen

Why can’t the people from countries with controllable populations pool their military resources to sent their troops to those countries from whence the migrants emanate, to try and militarily stabilize them That will save trillions for these countries, and their citizens.
gorgeous george

This mass movement of illegal immigrant aliens invading democratic countries is a Jewish elite plan for the one world government and new world order.this is open borders around the world.this will be like European union run by unelected screwheads making laws for countries they are not even apart of.this us the Jewish plot hatched in there protocols of learned elders of Zion which is a diobolic plan for ultra communism society around the world that the Jews would control and they would mass exterminate 2/3population in world.this is when they say there masdiah which is Satan.they believe Satan is god.he will arrive and rule the world.despicable and this is why head have been run out and exteinated from every country they resided in history.they worship Satan under fuse of judeism.
Random Games K0101

We may have good health care, good and tasty food, but we are pining away. In the far future the Europe will be an arabic land (anyway ,u got the point)

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