Marxist Maxine Waters Calls for Impeachment of Pres. Trump at Tax Day Rally

david douglas

she’s fucking ugly
Flea bitten

Maxine is way funnier than Amy Schumer.

Flea bitten NOTHING worse than a female black racist libtard.
Bibi Le

Another crazy lunatic bitches. We need to vote them out office. Jail her black ass for her corruption.

Does she wake up Retarded!.. or does she just get Dumber throughout the day?

IMPEACH MAXINE WATERS she has done nothing to help blacks, she just feeds off them. All Americans love President Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

This woman is out of her mind insane. Only in California!

The pity here is that not one of these filthy people will ever serve one minute in jail. GLOBALISTS and sellout socialists is what their true pedigree is. They were chosen like all the other robots and they need to get the wheels that their masters (Soros and friends) need turning. These truly are the end times read your. Idle you will be amazed. Peace

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