LIMBAUGH: Democrats Don’t Care About This Ossoff Guy; He’s A PAWN

Published on Apr 18, 2017

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Ma Edie

What is the Democrats’ obsession with weak-looking, semi-Metrosexual, pencil-necked men? Obama, Podesta, Weiner, etc. Glad we have the real men on our side.

So every day President Trump days are over according to the delusional communist democrats!–I hate democrats!
Dorothy Middaugh

Better look into voter fraud if this guy wins
Paris Belle

I did see this interview. Apparently he is not able to vote in the district he is running in. He would not say yes or no. He literally stuck to the subscribed narrative handed to him. Puppet beta males.
Q Vet

I’m in the. GEORGIA 6th district and voted against this loser. I think he will lose big if they don’t bus them in like they did their campaign workers
P. Hamilton

That District is full of upscale Asians and Indians….whom will vote Democrat….doesn’t mean the election is going their way, but it very well might.
Whit Sixkiller

im very happy with trump i send the gop money every month. no right minded person would want anything to do with this far left obama agenda. even moderate dems are jumping off that ship like rats from a burning ship. we let the left run things for 8 yrs. we didnt like what they did with the place. play time is over. time to get a job and pay your own way. i wanted a house a car and health care i wanted it all so i got a job it paid $3.35 per hour with all the overtime i could stand and i was happy to have that job changing motor oil in a lube pit in phoenix arizona. dont whine to me about anything…

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