Gavin McInnes: In Berkeley, We Took Back the Culture

(LANGUAGE WARNING) Gavin McInnes of says what happened in Berkeley on Patriots Day represents the death of the radical left. MORE:…
WATCH Gavin’s weekly show, “How’s It Goin’, Eh?”…


The reason #Antifa put their women in the front is simple. Because they hide behind them. They’re like Muslim cowards that use women and children as shields.
Deadpool Guy

Isis uses Women as Meat shield. Antifa uses Women as Meat shield. Antifa = Isis.
Dan Henderson

SJW Skinny Jean Warriors
Col. Cotton Hill

I enjoyed watching the dread porn girl get decked.

Communists are weak. Free peoples are stronger in every way. They won’t find roots in the West. To hell with them.
Mike Wheeler

These scum love hiding behind legal protections, first amendment, assault laws, self-defense laws, right to assemble laws, etc, yet want to dismantle those same laws. Clearest sign of a mental disorder or being on the autism spectrum.
fook yu

Self hatred can never win against Pride and Patriotism
MegaTwitch Canada

Antifa bitches hide behind their women… not so tough when people fight back! Shadilay my American brothers and sisters!


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