Rep Waters Calls For Trump’s Impeachment – Hannity

Published on Apr 18, 2017

Rep Waters Calls For Trump’s Impeachment – Hannity
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Evie Gibbs

Maxine Waters is a total idiot and needs to be recalled! I’m really sick of her spreading lies about our President among her idiot snowflake followers and she is a total disgrace to America! She’s lucky I don’t live in California because I’d work ten hours a day, seven days a week to get the lunatic recalled or impeached!

Degenerate democrats.
Tyler Beck

I call for Maxine Waters impeachment also and I call for George Soros arrest
Norma Lee

That NASTY woman needs to be removed from office….what a horrid, ugly and dishonest individual.
Pyro Roze

She is a nutcase, through and through.
Jesi Vern

this idiot was voted as one of the most corrupt politicians… she needs to go.
Anne Taylor

There are no words for the craziness, insane, LIBITARD! Maxine has been skimming money and needs to be arrested and prosecuted!
Kore Napulitan

what a racist bitch lol its over your president is gone

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