Rachel Maddow Exploiting Russian Hysteria for HUGE Ratings Boost

Published on Apr 19, 2017

Reinvoking Soviet, red scare-era hysteria hasn’t just been the Democratic Party’s go-to method for attacking President Trump, it’s a strategy shared by the media as well. Rachel Maddow has cashed in on this story and seen a large ratings boost since dedicating more time to the Trump-Russia story, and in a quantitative analysis conducted by The Intercept, the extent that she’s actually covering Russia is mind-boggling.

Anna Deetz

2016 had a huge benefit. It showed peoples true colors. Maddow is a money grubbing loon.

Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid are two of the most garbage pundits on MSNBC.

I can’t believe this claims about Rachel Maddow I’ve heard. Some people calling her progressive! Outrageous!!
colleen swiggum

If putin wanted to influence american politics he could have just donated to hillary.
Pol Commentary

I’m tired of the Russia crap. I wish all of these fake news outlets would talk about things that people actually give a shit about.
Bob Anderson

Rachel Maddow is a Stark raving lunatic, not to mention a corporate establishment Democratic shill.

UGHHHHHH. Can’t stand this bitch. No, we don’t like Hillary because shes disgusting. End of.
Father OfTheCorn

There’s a new book out “Shattered : Inside Hillary Clintons Doomed Campaign” pretty much concludes Hillary fucked up her campaign!! Not right wing propaganda either – getting quotes from DNC insiders, etc…

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