4chan Pol Identifies Antifa BikeLock Attacker


I find it strange that ANTIFA and ISIS share the same values and dress codes.
Luke Johnson

of course it was an ethics professor! I don’t know a single ethics professor who is not a brainwashed commie.
Trip Hop

woah!!! hold on… the guy with the lock was a professor!?!?! How does he still have a job!? He could’ve killed that guy, seriously. It’s almost inevitable that someone is going to die at the hands of ANTIFA and I guarantee the right gets blamed when it happens.
John Schilling

Antifa uses women as shields, just like islamic terrorists. Surprise surprise
Eric Odinson

I will punch an antifa bitch. Try me you cunts.
Travis P.

A college professor…Go Figure….
Blank Stare

top kek Its always a professor, no wonder the college kids act so crazy and are so vapid, look at the people teaching them.
Darrell Barrett

lol ethics… and smashes people in the head with chains and locks. What a fucking tool.There is no hope for future generations with cunts like that teaching.
Diesel Tech

These fuck stick pieces of shit will not bring their pansy asses to the south! We will beat those whores to a inch of their fucking lives!
Gaydolf Hitler

maybe bring a gun to a bike-lock fight?

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