“FREE TUITION as Reparations?” Tucker Tries His Best With Liberal College Student

Published on Apr 20, 2017

4-20-17: Tucker interviews Andrea Ambam, a Western Kentucky University student who supports offering free tuition to Black students as reparations for slavery.

Tommy DeVito

Less than 1% of whites in America today had ancestors who were slave owners. So you find those 6 people and ask them for money you fat lazy bitch
Breaktime Bass

So if I’m white but identify as a African American I can get free college?

It was so obvious that she had absolutely no idea on what she was talking about and was pulling shit out of her ass

Irish were slaves can I get free shit?
C rizzo

my great great grandfather fought and died to end slavery, gimme money.

I’d be for reparations if they came in the form of a 1 way cruise to Liberia.

When liberals use the word “conversation” it always involves stealing other peoples stuff.
William Sire

This woman is a blithering idiot and this proposal of hers is asinine.
Brad Laprise

I’m a French Canadian man just saying wow is she seriously saying that ppl now should pay for idiots a hundred years ago? how stupid is this women?

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