Maxine Waters Argues No Difference Between American Citizens And “Undocumented”

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By Rick Wells

The piece of leftist trash with a gaping hole on her chin that is painted to look like a bulls eye, Democrat mouthpiece Rep Maxine Waters, compares Americans to illegals and makes the argument that there is no difference between them and US citizens. Obviously, she’s not a real American, which is the reason she’s a Democrat to begin with. That’s not the kind of comment a real American would ever make. This is our country, it’s not theirs – that’s a huge and irrefutable difference.

She admits that there are illegals here, what she sanitizes as “not documented” despite the fact that they have documents that show them to be citizens of another country. They are documented as being illegal squatters who choose not to make use of their documents because they are in a country where they are of little value.

And enough of the bleeding-heart talking points that they’ve been here so long, have roots, etc. We don’t care if some of them pay taxes or have homes. They’ve been earning a wage on someone else’s identity, that’s fraud and houses are sold every day. They’re criminals by being here, by working here and possibly through other methods. Your lies are worn out and meaningless.

She says we need comprehensive immigration reform, or amnesty, that recognizes and rewards their attempts to hide beyond the reach of the law. No, Waters, we need comprehensive deportation orders that recognize their ongoing criminality.

She goes on to say “there are some people who are here who do need to be deported” and unfortunately, she’s not talking about all of them. She identifying the ones who commit certain crimes [not immigration violations] or are in gangs. She despicably equates them with Americans, saying, “Just as we want to do something about Americans or anybody else who are criminals, we understand that part.”

No witch, you don’t understand. The illegals are criminals and they are nothing like Americans. They are Mexicans, Salvadorans, whatever. They’re not Americans. She goes on to say that for President Trump to stir up emotions among his supporters about “those people” is “unconscionable.” Trust us Waters, it was the imposter pretend ‘president’ before him that stirred up those emotions by flooding our nation with illegal invaders. All president Trump did was give us a means to correct the injustices, though the process does seem to have gotten somewhat sidetracked in some areas of concern, such as the DACA illegals.

She rants about an illegal that was deported back to Mexico, calling him a “dreamer,” and saying the reason they’re called that is because they have hope. Baloney, lady, and I use that word ever so loosely, the reason they’re called dreamers is to depict them in a positive light for political propaganda purposes. We’re all dreamers, not just your precious illegals. You Democrats have no business attempting to position their dreams as having any right to a basis in my country. She says suddenly the illegals aren’t welcome. There’s nothing sudden about it, Waters. She goes on to once again call for the impeachment of the President, this time calling it God’s will, so that the wall won’t get built. Thanks for the rallying cry, you hag.

5 thoughts on “Maxine Waters Argues No Difference Between American Citizens And “Undocumented”

  1. Muslims like it when they are ignored not being seen as the problem. Muslims like people talking about everything except them. That allows them to come in doing all of the things that Jesus would not do.

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