New York Times Apologizes for Fake News

Published on Apr 20, 2017

In a surprising move, the New York Times has apologized for publishing Fake News in an attempt to make President Trump look bad. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. Copyright © 2017 – Subscribe now for more videos every day!


“tolerant” democrats, “peaceful” islamists.
† Masterhp †

Stephen Colbert, the stupid clown who has his hands in his pockets all the time, has also spread this fake news.
Curtis Coutts

Sports announcers moving into the idiot zone, for zero points, well done making themselves look as stupid as they look hahahaha
Scott Eb

Angela McHugh Fuck Max Kellerman. Just another liberal douche bag on TV who has no fucking clue
C. Galindo

as soon as I see CNN or Washington Post and some others I immediately ignore it. sometimes I look at it for fun, to laugh to know just how stupid they’re still being. but never never believe

Fake news = Anti – American , .. CNN and The Joo York Times = 100% Anti – American.
Charles Smith

The funny thing is that this whole situation makes Trump look good because Obama put people on the steps so it could look like more people were there in order to feed his ego. LMAO
K Clark

Well, I guess the New England Patriots are bigoted, homophobic, sexist white supremacists now.
John 17

Stuff like this is just going to get Trump in office in 2020.

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