Ann Coulter Calls Berkeley’s Bluff, Demands Her Speech Slot Back

Published on Apr 21, 2017

Ann Coulter isn’t backing down, she is demanding that UC Berkeley give her back her speech slot.

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Unicorn BaconFarts

Ive lost all faith in higher education almost. Turning our children into useless assholes.
Lisa K Troy

No they will be useful assholes to the whacked out progressive commies to keep promoting the stifling backwards progressive liberal ideology! Why do you think they’re is so many college kids acting like this? They are being taught by commies, who they them selves were taught by commies. The commie cycle of indoctrination must be stopped!
Fart Winds Blowing and SHlT Storm is Brewing

Berkeley’s California would be an excellent place for Kim Jung Un to test out his newest Nuclear Missiles !

Need to have a conservative speaker every week until Berkeley goes bankrupt, from all of the riots burning their campus down.

If Ann Coulter was a Wacko Liberal Lefty, the MSM would be touting her as a touchstone for progressive Feminist politics and would be casually entertaining the notion of her becoming America’s first Female President…
Jack Klompus

The Berkekely police are not legitimate police. They are an anti-USA, armed militia for the Left.
Jake H

The thing that concerns me if she does this speech is as follows. Also I absolutely support Coulter speaking there even though I certainly don’t agree with all of her talking points/opinions it is good to listen and educate yourself on ideas you disagree with. 1- Apparently anti-fa are allegedly planning on upping their weapons from m80s and bricks to Molotov’s and guns (not the air soft ones they had in AZ)  2- If they do escalate in their weapons/tactics and if people defend themselves with deadly force against these terrorists that even if returning fire was legally/morally justified that the media/judicial system in Berkley will crucify Patriots as terrorists and alt-right extremists.
Lon Rolvos

if she speaks. No better time to plant the flag. A smart educated successful Woman, drive the libs bat shit crazy. take berkley. take it all means necessary. No quarter.
Mike Turco

Annie get your gun, kick some butt
SgtKing King

I wish the U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions would investigate and charge the police there with violating the civil rights of conservatives by failing to protect them.

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