Dirty, Dumb, Antifa Scum!!

Published on Apr 21, 2017

Is there anything more pathetic that wealthy trust fund babies pretending to be a part of a proletariat revolution? I’m really not sure.

Adolf Hitler

ANTIFA Battle Plan
1. Throw m80s
2. Push dumpster
3. Use women as human shield
4. Smack people with bike locks
5. Lose battle

The Antifa cunts aren’t soldiers, they’re idiots who live in a fantasy world. They talk big shit about fighting online, but have NEVER done so at all in real life, so of course they get their shit kicked in on the “battlefield”. All that aside, I’d like to personally offer 10,000 shekels to the man who brings me the scalp of Moldylocks.
Jonathan Gable

antifa = anti first amendment

Can someone start a gofundme to buy her razors and shaving cream? I’ll contribute to that!
Fiery Elmo

She was punched, kicked and her nose was cut, but two days later she did a interview without having a single scratch and had a huge smile on her face.

He was doing a public service, if you ask me. Had he punched her square in the nose, blood would’ve gone everywhere, and there’s no telling what kind of nasty diseases might be in her blood…
Revolutionary Right

She is a pornstar her name is: Venus Rosales
Slick Willy

“I came for 100 Nazi scalps and all i got is a black eye and an internet meme” -Moldylocks
Oneseven Sevensix

It’s not ok to hit a woman, but knocking the FUCK outta Antifa commie BITCHES is a service to the world

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