The MSM Liberal Bias in Trumps 100 Days as President

Published on Apr 22, 2017

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Vince Fee

you know you’re doing things right if utube messes with u
Kanjalochana das

I saw that video about the girl. u didn’t even mention her name and u were very careful with your words. I am really getting tired of this bias censorship. we need a different platform. we should all go to vidme or something similar. let YouTube die on the vine
Airborne All The Way

The Left is the enemy of everything that is civilized and moral. They work to tear down borders. They work to tear down culture. They work to tear down decency. They work to tear down law and order. They work to tear down peoples financial stability through taxes. And they work tearing down lives whether it’s through abortion or the indirect murder of innocents through their enlightened “migrants”.
Sin Tonterías

I like your content! Keep up the good work.
Mr Spazoid7777

Tea Party never protested POTUS because he was Black. This is one of the most common false idea’s out there. We protested his regressive ass-backward socialist destructive policies. The color of POTUS is irrelevant.
John Holborn

Phuck that Bull Shift, Frank! So, ANTIFA Pussy Gang rat you out? Now you know why Communism is dead, except for Soros… The Commies Suck shit. LOL!! BUT, if they’re trying THAT hard to “silence” you, Buddy, You Are Getting To Them!!! Congrats!! I see your Subs have exceeded 10 Grand! I think it’s cuz yer Awesome! Keep Going!! I think people appreciate Good Work!!
bro-man jensen

Who at this point believes the MSM. They’ve been dog shit for decades and we’ve seen they’re wheel fall off. Its not hard to get an honest picture of the world just takes a little effort, oh maybe thats it.

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