*(From the religion of Peace) – Before and After Sharia Law: A Cautionary Tale

Published on Apr 24, 2017

David Menzies takes us on a trip down memory lane to a time before Islamic countries became theocracies ruled by Sharia Law, a cautionary tale. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/before_and…
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My father’s company sent us to Iran (from the US) in 68, we left in 77. It was nice place, westernized…Iranian women and men dressed liked everyone else. Women wore bikinis, went to school etc….no hated you for being a westerner or christian…..now it’s an Islamic shit hole.
Gustavo Alba

Sharia law is a joke it’s nothing more than to dominate over women liberals will love living under it!
Andrew Wilson

This should be shown to every woman. Women are the beating heart of the far left..This is what’s ahead of them if they follow modern feminism which supports Islam…Look at the Antifa garb…Sharia in training!! 


Exactly the same case in Egypt where im from.. so sickneing
Thomas In Paine

Before and after 1965 Detroit similar severity

Glad this video is back up!!! Everyone needs to see this!

Im guessing it was flagged by a bunch of idiots, so they reuploaded.
Kevin Charles

I wish I could give more thumbs up. I saw a similar video of a Montage of Europe and how the satanic backward progressive religion of Islam destroyed the beauty in culture too

2 thoughts on “*(From the religion of Peace) – Before and After Sharia Law: A Cautionary Tale

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