MARK LEVIN: Obama Has Done More Damage To America Than Any Foreign Enemy Could Possibly Achieve

Published on Apr 24, 2017

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g bridgman

The democratic party is the biggest threat to this nation. They are public enemy #1. They are far more dangerous than N. Korea, ISIS, Russia, you name it. It’s the democrats, if left unchecked, that will destroy this nation.
James Ferguson

I believe what Mark was saying is that obama is a domestic enemy. NO IF’S ,Ands or BUTS. Not to mention that he gave iran $1.3 billion, well what would you expect from a so called Muslim, after all that’s his buddies
Kathleen Fiscelli

This Ass Clown Un-American Traitor POS out in Chicago spewing his shit again.
Albert E.

America needed Obama to destroy the Democrat party! The price was worth it…
crazy elf

I read where Iran now wants a bunch of uranium from Russia. Y’all know where Russia received their uranium from! Hillary Clinton and Obama on that deal with “uranium one”! 20% of the uranium comes from America!

just call Obama what he is a worthless cracksmoking cocksucking piss washing ass riped Muslim terrorists
Jessie Hamby

The time has come when we have no choice but to rise up & take our country back.

And yet nothing will happen – no consequences. Strange. The USA is the most fucked up country on earth. Totally crooked.
John R

Give the Kenyan transvestite a fair trial, then hang it appropriately.
Freeman Pennington

liberals and other scumbags who hate America who like Obama are responsible take away their welfare and entitlement programs to pay for the damages also need to try them for treason war crimes hate crime and Sedition against the people of the United States and put them in work prisons and make them work to pay for the damage they caused along with their globalist Puppet Masters in the political Pawns like Obama and Clinton and others

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