Levin – Leadership, Not Art Of The Deal, GOP Has All 3 Branches Of Govt – Build The Damn Wall

By Rick Wells

Mark Levin believes there’s no excuse for what the Republican Congress is doing. He says, “There’s no excuse for what Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell are doing or not doing.  There’s no excuse for the fact that the President doesn’t yank them into the Oval Office and read them the riot act.  Levin says he’s talking about the priorities the President ran on and the priorities that matter to us. “

Levin points out that, “Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, their predecessors and their successors, do not have permanent control over the treasury of the United States, to reward their favorite constituent groups and donors and to redistribute wealth. And the only way to address this is the way that it was addressed during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan.

He continues, “And yes, be prepared to have a showdown. Be prepared to have a showdown and the competency  in the articulation as the Republican Party that controls all the damn elected branches in Washington DC, to make the case to the American people, that it is the despicable snake oil salesman, Chuck Schumer, and the despicable failure, Nancy Pelosi, who are destroying this economy, who are driving up the debt and that we have a President who wants to do something about both.”

“We have a President that was elected,” says Levin, “to fund border security. It was always preposterous when he said that Mexico was going to do it, and I told you that. And I don’t care about that. Build the damn wall! You’ve got the House, you’ve got the Senate, you’ve got the Presidency, you’ve got the bureaucracy. The art of the deal? Screw the art of the deal, it should be the art of victory.”

“It’s time to roll Schumer, it’s time to roll the Democrats,” says Levin. ” He points out that 11 years ago Chuck Schumer voted in support of the same border security measures he’s opposing now. Levin says, “If we cannot turn this issue around on closing the federal government, we can never win. Number one, the government is never closed. Number two, when they say it’s closed, do you understand that maybe 17% of the government actually closes?” Paul Ryan told him that little tidbit. “Number three, taxes keep coming in, whether they spend or not. Your income taxes, corporate, individual, excise taxes, tariff taxes, they keep flowing into the federal treasury, whether they spend a dollar or a trillion dollars.”

“The federal government will not default,” Levin notes, “because it can pay monies to pay bills. We’re talking about prospective spending when we’re talking about a continuing resolution. So cuts can be made. It happens over and over and over again. Once, twice, three times during a presidential term. You would think the Republicans had their arguments ready. You would think the Republicans would position themselves. You would think they would know how to drive an agenda.”

He asks if anyone  would like to know why, despite the GOP controlling all three branches of government the Democrats win the battles. He says it’s because the Republicans believe in big centralized government – he said the Republicans. “As frustrated as you are, as stressed as you are  about what you see, they are not.”

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