The Truth Behind ESPN Massive Layoffs

Published on Apr 26, 2017

ESPN‘s liberal agenda has backfired big league. The sports network just announced they’re laying of 100 on-air personalities and writers. Their recent turn to leftist propaganda has caused many viewers to tune out. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. Copyright © 2017 – Subscribe now for more videos every day!


Diversity = anti-white
Master Chief

That should be anti-white male. White female is Ok and actually treated like a minority even though women out number men in the west.

funny they didn’t lay off Jemele know, the black female who spreads liberal and black lives matter propaganda on a daily basis ON A SPORTS SHOW..everyone who watches espn hates her yet she still has a job..Intresting

I went through the list of layoffs, and it was obviously to get rid of white people and anyone who isn’t a lying, delusional liberal.
Sites 32

Men just want to watch a game, not listen to a bunch of bullshit we do not give two shits about. That’s what is happening to ESPN. When you run off your core demographic for bullshit, you get what you get. We do not give a shit and will just go watch it somewhere else.
William Tecumseh Sherman

Good I’m glad fucking asshole liptards can shove their sports channel straight up their ass!!
Deplorable Trumpster

GREAT NEWS! The liberal agenda is sickening! Time to boycott all FAKE NEWS-disgusting!
Lopez13 187

I wouldn’t let my kids watch Disney, they’re trying to shove their bullshit down our children’s throats. ESPN, Disney both globalist.

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