Obama Gives Finger To Country—Takes $400K From Wall Street

Danny Edwards

Pretty sure this was a payout for a job well done

thank you for talking about this, fuck obama, fuck ‘democrats’, and fuck neo-liberalism
Troy Hung

Gee, now I wonder why Obama de-regulated Wall-St and gave them Goody Bags right before he left office
Jet Sidhu

he just a black Clinton
Stri duh

That must have been one helluva “cut it out” speech!
Martha Holt

Hey, it’s his retirement plan. It’s not like he gets a substantial pension, right? RIGHT?

Just for fun, I went over to the Huffington Post to read the comments section connected to this story and it was, as expected, overflowing with Obama apologists. It was a smack in the face reminder of why I try not to go anywhere near the HP anymore other than to see what propaganda they are currently pushing. Keep up the great work Jimmy!
Rhonda Larkin

Harry Truman walked away from the White House after his presidency and went back to Missouri with a $112. Army pension, no secret service security. He refused all job and speech offers because he didn’t want to profit from his public service. Times have definitely changed.

And to think I just got an e-mail saying Obama was dedicated to getting money out of politics, and then he goes and does this.

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