Prominent Trump supporters smeared as ‘white supremacists’ vow to sue

| – MAY 1, 2017

Aisha V

I’ve been called a white supremacist before and I’m fucking Pakistani. SJWs are a disease
Color Magic

chuckles AishaV, how STUPID to do that to you! This shows how idiotic these people are. It seems to be a matter of hate which taints their OWN vision that causes people to be so skewed in their judgment like this. Their hate colored glasses taint everyone around them and they have a twisted view!

Wait… why are there non-whites in the USA?  I thought Trump won.  The media told me he was going to deport all non-whites and all non-Christians. This is not OK. 

Harry Fuller

So to them Buddha is a white supremacist
Journey Trials and Joy

Ok everyone remember the secret code to the secret meeting we have next Monday.

being white is racist
Melba Marie

The most twisted part about the left’s use of accusations of racism to bully their opponents into silence is that in today’s America the most vocal and vicious racist are liberal and/or black.
Needs A Safe Space

Ffs….breathing air will soon become racist according to these moronic liberals…😑


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  2. Libtards who are influenced by Muslim liars: Racist cannot be. We are one race that accepted vanity willingly needing to be saved. People are making innocent souls seem to be evil. That is evil. Liberals are making OK to be evil. Think about that. That sign is also used as an emphases to what the person is saying. Lewd people are making good Spirited people to seem to not be good Spirited people. Stop the idiocy, liberals. Be smart. The word “lewd” is from the Saxon, and means properly “ignorant,” “unlearned,” and hence low, vicious (Acts 17:5). KJV Cambridge editon 1611 study bible. Old Scofield bible study bible. The Sword study bible or the KJV 1900.

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