Ryan Does It Again – Sticks America With Another “Obama Budget Giveaway” Cave To Democrats

Screenshot 2017-05-02 11.20.04

By Rick Wells

What does Paul Ryan have that keeps his completely worthless anti-American butt in the Speaker position? Mark Meadows, offer another motion to vacate the chair, how much betrayal can America survive? Obama and his predecessors combined with white flag subversive cowards in both the House and Senate is more than we are willing to accept. Get this swamp weasel out of there.

Charles Payne asks the obvious question of his first guest, former Reagan economist David Smick, “Why do you think we ended up with this sort of spending  bill when I think a lot of conservatives would have been fine with the government shutting down?”

Smick volunteers to “be the contrarian,” saying that President Trump needs to fixate on two issues, that he’s spread too thin and it would have been a disaster if the government had “shut down.”  He says it would have felt good but would have derailed the replacement of Obamacare and tax code reform.

Smick says he doesn’t like the way it was negotiated, that Trump gave up too easily on the wall and way too soon. He says he gave it up days ahead of time and attributed that to his learning on the job. Payne disagrees, noting that it wasn’t just the wall that President Trump and more directly, Congress surrendered on. He points out there is continued funding for sanctuary cities. The National Institute of Health, which was going to take a big, giant cut in the original Trump budget gets a $2 billion increase, there’s $300 million dollars for Puerto Rico Medicaid expansion.” He adds, “A lot of people are upset there’s still funding for Planned Parenthood, so it’s not that you’re doing one thing at a time, you’ve just given up some critical, critical things that put you in the White House.

He notes that the reason that Republicans were propelled into office over the last several elections was to fight against what Ryan just gave the Democrats and establishment. Snick tries to refocus attention on the two issues, appearing almost to be an establishment hack who’s running cover for the sellouts in Congress, Ryan most particularly.

Payne describes the kind of momentum exhibited by the Republicans as stumbling out of the starters’ gate. Ford O’Connell, his next “expert,” uses a Trumpian expression, that the GOP was “rolled bigly” but agrees with Smick on the momentum issue. He says he hopes what we’re seeing is a strategic retreat. How many years have Republicans said that about their Congressional leadership? At a minimum it’s an annual tradition.

He also points out that the EPA budget was left intact, saying the Democrats got everything they wanted and more and there was a lot more leverage. He reminds us that there was only $1.5 billion in this budget for border security and Democrats were willing to go for $40 billion in 2013. Putting it in terms we all can relate to, O’Connell says, “So we got hosed every which way till Sunday.”

Payne mocks the checklist of great accomplishments that Speaker Ryan put out earlier about how we should feel good about it. He asks, so what, why not shutdown the government if 80% of their workers are ‘non-essential’ anyway. Isn’t that the point of the election, to do these kind of things that may otherwise have been drastic, but to do them because that’s the only way you clean the swamp?

Ron Meyer agrees, saying, “I think a lot of conservatives are feeling exactly how you’re feeling, a little bit betrayed.” He notes it’s the kind of heavy spending budget that Washington should be in love with, “a higher level of spending than was done under the Obama administration. This is ‘president’ Obama’s dream. Nancy Pelosi put out a glowing press release, Chuck Schumer put out a glowing press release.” He describes the deal as attempting to punt and whiffing it.

Payne takes the football analogy one step further, saying he wouldn’t have even had a punter in the game.

That punter’s name is Paul Ryan, and he’s the worst in team history. Not only should he be  benched, this should be his last game, at any position. He’s MVP material, as a Democrat. We need a “W” and that isn’t possible with that “W”easel running the show.

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