RUSH: Media Are ‘Jealous As They Can Be’ That Trump Responded To Criticism From Me

Published on May 3, 2017

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Ghost Patriot 777

Thanks RUSH, what media, they disappeared years ago, they aren’t media they are robots programmed by libtards
Elle Rev

We voted republican because that’s the ticket Trump ran on – the other candidate would of had us all marching off to fem* camps by now!!! .. Trump stands for the things he ran on. All great leaders Abraham, King David, King Cyrus made mistakes, but the thing is, and please here this, God Almighty could work down through these men, just like He can do with Trump – as they do NOT pray to pagan gods, and, so, purposes are accomplished Trump has spoken Godly truths from the highest position of the land, at a time when nations are being judged for all eternity. Let’s all do our part and pray for our leaders as we are ask to do. 1 Timothy 2:1-2. We did not vote for Trumps children. Should he need to regroup, he will – just like he did during the debates. I’m not being ugly, its just that anyone who is representing the Presidency and our great nation must have the same value system and views as our President does. His children (at least daughter & sil) don’t seem to understand there can be no compromise with some evils and, if in inner circle, they are no longer private citizens. Come out from among them!! Would love to hear more from his lovely wife – who is his Godly help-mate.
SoleeTrumpMania Berg

Like WE HAVE A BETTER CHOICE!!! Democrats are WORSE THEN SCUM! They are Commi Nazi Fascists!!! Anti Human Rights! Democrats are CORRUPT & GLOBALISTS!! GREEDY! CROOKS
Shasha Foster

We won but we are losing-disappointed w President Trump. He has done a lot but the plan parenthood and taxes- he let the dems win…well actually Ivanka made that happen and she is definitely a liberal. If Trump doesn’t start fighting for his supporters he’s definitely not going to see a 2020.

it don’t matter if ha aint conservative   it matters that Hilleary  got defeated
Cyndi's SoapBox

you are wrong on this one Rush. The Dems did not get everything they wanted Trump was clever and got what we needed to get this go round
Tounge Lasher

I don’t blame Trump I blame the pussy Republican congress caving into the democrats.

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